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Floss & Rock Water Multiplay - Rainbow Fairy

Floss & Rock Water Multiplay – Rainbow Fairy: A Splash of Colour in Every Play!

Product Description: Embark on a vibrant journey with the Floss & Rock Water Multiplay – Rainbow Fairy. This delightful, spiral-bound activity book is a treasure trove of reusable fun, designed to inspire young artists and dreamers. Perfect for travel and completely reusable, it contains 16 different activities to engage and spark creativity.

Key Features:

Completely Reusable: Allows for endless exploration of magical worlds, providing hours of sustainable play.
16 Vibrant Activities: A diverse range of puzzles, colouring pages, and stickers, all themed around the enchanting world of rainbow fairies.
Mess-Free: The water pen reveals beautiful colours and completes activities with ease, ensuring a clean play environment.
Ideal for Travel: Its compact and secure design makes it a perfect travel companion for imaginative adventures.
Eco-Friendly: Emphasises environmental responsibility with water-based activities and a reusable design.

Why Buy This Product: This is the ideal gift for children fascinated by fairies and magic. It encourages creative storytelling, artistic exploration, and cognitive development in a fun, engaging, and eco-friendly manner.

Age 3+