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Lally Woven Tote

Hand-crafted in Northern Vietnam by artisans with a philosophy to protect the environment by turning waste into value, to empower women and to preserve traditional weaving craftsmanship. As a fast-growing plant, seagrass is a great sustainable material. Woven into baskets and storage, it is a durable yarn with a natural lustre and a warm hue. Welcome the new tote: Lally. Perfect for the beach, the markets or decoratively placed at home it is hand-crafted from an open-weave sustainable seagrass. It is lightweight enough for just a morning of activities and enough space for a full-day adventure. For storage at home, try the selection of Lally baskets, available in three designs: no handle, a loop handle or long plaited handle.


Small                                      Large
Width (cm) : 40                      Width (cm) : 50                              
Depth (cm) : 15                      Depth (cm) : 15
Height (cm) : 30                     Height (cm) : 40

Care instructions

Keep dry, do not allow to hold moisture.

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