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Bath Soak - Love Me Lemon

Love me Lemon Cleansing Ritual Soak 550grams 

Our stunning infused bath salt range is made from locally sourced 100% natural ingredients and essential oils to help ease stress and promote muscle relief.

Our Love Me Lemon soak has a refreshing citrus scent to help rejuvenate the whole body.
Anti-inflammatory + antibacterial properties will have you left feeling refreshed after soaking in this goodness. 

Simply place a small handful of our bath salts into your reusable muslin bag and pop into your warm bath to soak in all its goodness! Leaving no mess behind which means more time for you to relax.


•Magnesium Sulphate 

• Himalayan Salt

• Dead Sea Salt

•Essential oils of Lemon and eucalyptus



• Natural dehydrated Lemon