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The Soapbar - Lullaby

Who hasn't tossed and turned after a busy day; busy with kids, work, study or just general life stress?  A  gentle relaxation ritual can relax the mind and body and get us ready for a restful sleep. When we were babies someone may have sung us a sweet lullaby,  you may even do this for your kids.  

We have called this  lovely soothing handmade bar soap   'Lullaby'  as the soothing lavender oil calms your spirit and the creamy goat's milk  is high in lactic acid and  Vitamin A to help remove dead skin cells and regenerate skin cells for supple and soft skin.

Lullaby  is a  soothing handmade soap bar, highly cleansing, deeply moisturising and gentle made on a carefully chosen base of coconut oil, rice bran oil, olive oil and cocoa butter. It is handmade using the traditional cold process method which unlike commercial soap making leaves the natural glycerine in the soap. Glycerine acts as a humectant, gently hydrating the skin without stripping the skin of moisture and natural oils. 

Beautifully scented with pure lavender oil, known for its ability to calm and soothe.