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Wonki Ware - Usoso Dish Warm Grey Lace

This versatile dish is great for all your side dishes, sauces and sweets too!

Measuring 25cm x 14cm x 6cm High

Wonki Ware is made entirely by hand. From the mixing of the clay to the final, glazed product, fifteen individual craftsmen (and women) are involved in the creation of each and every piece. Irregularities in size, glaze and texture, ensure that every piece is as individual as a fingerprint - where no two pieces will ever be the same. This is what makes Wonki Ware unique.

Wonki Ware is a collection that is meant to be mixed and matched. 

Wash: This is a beautiful hand washed colour with no particular design.

Lace: There are approximately 40 different patterns, which makes it impossible to supply a piece with a particular decorative design. The pattern you receive, may or may not be the one depicted in the image shown.